Custom Sleep Consultation

"A toddler believes that if you love a person, you should stay with that person 100% of the time."

- Lawrence Balter, Child Psychologist

This consultation is for families who have taken our free 5 Days to Better Sleep program and the Mother of All Sleep Courses.  Perhaps you are already seeing some improvements in your child's sleep and you need just a little more advice from a phone call or perhaps you need a little more and a few weeks of support would be helpful. We will design a custom plan and pricing to fit your needs.  

What this consultation might include:

  • A phone call.  Sometimes all you need is an opportunity to ask questions.  This call is typically 60-90mins.

  • A Skype or FaceTime meeting.  Some people prefer to meet face to face for an open discussion about their child's sleep.  This option also allows me to view your sleep space and determine if adjustments need to be made.

  • You might feel that you need a little more support.  We can arrange a week to week schedule that includes phone calls, daily email contact, sleep tracking, an initial custom sleep plan, ongoing action steps for you to implement and a written sleep summary with steps for continued success as your child grows.

Pricing varies depending on what each family is experiencing and what type of support would serve them best.  Book a Discovery Call and we can talk about it.

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