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Sleep Classes

Ready... Set... Sleep!

This course is your introduction to the basic fundamentals necessary to help your child sleep.

We will review awake times, naps, routines, nutrition, sleep environment, sleep schedules, development and milestones, illness, teething... and managing all of this while sleeping well.

Newborns 0-12 weeks

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Babies 3-6 months

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Babies 7-18 months

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Toddlers 19mo to

2 years

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3 to 4 years

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Mini Classes

Get information about your specific concerns in a quick and easy way.  These classes are audio recordings so you can listen in the car, in the bath, while rocking a child or making dinner.  Get the answers you need right now! 

The Mother of All Sleep Courses

This is the ultimate baby gift for any new parent.


You receive access to ALL the classes listed above including all of the Mini Classes.

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Melanie Pinet

IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Holistic Sleep Educator