Pregnancy and Newborn Sleep Prep

"Up to 78% of pregnant women experience sleep disruptions during pregnancy"

- National Sleep Foundation

Pregnant mamas who are awake in the night are definitely not alone!  There are so many reasons why a pregnant mama is awake in the night... the physical discomfort of a growing body, a baby kicking you from the inside out, extra bathroom trips, worries and fears, hormones... the list can be endless.  


As a pregnant mama, you need your sleep!  You are growing a human and that process alone is exhausting.  A good night sleep is so important.

The primary focus of this consultation package is helping mama sleep better in pregnancy.  There is a huge link between how well mom sleeps in pregnancy and how well your baby will sleep once they are born.  Setting your baby up for sleep success begins while they are still growing in utero.  We will talk about what to expect around newborn sleep once your baby is born and how you can best encourage your baby to sleep well starting from their first days of life.

What this consultation includes:

  • All consultations start with a Discovery Call and detailed questionnaire.  See the Consultation Process here....

  • You will receive the Love n' Snuggles Pregnancy Guide to Sleep as well as the Love n' Snuggles Newborn Guide Sleep.  This Guide is the reference that parents have always wanted for adjusting to life as a new family.  New parents have often said to me "our baby didn't come with a manual!"  Well, this is it.  Now you have a manual.

  • Two Skype/FaceTime meetings:

    • Initially we will work on ways to improve moms sleep in pregnancy and create a personalized sleep plan for mom

    • At the end of our time working together we will have a second meeting to talk about what to expect once baby arrives.  We will talk about how to protect your sleep with a newborn baby at home and how to best support your new baby's sleep needs.  You will have the chance to ask all your questions about newborn sleep.

  • You will receive a step by step, easy to follow action plan to improving your own sleep​.

  • We will work together for 2 weeks with daily email check-in to review how well mom is sleeping and make adjustments to our plan.

Investment $300

If you are interested in this consultation package the first step is to book your free 30min Discovery Call.  

Please click the link below to schedule your appointment.

The most popular question about this consultation package is...

What happens if my baby is born during the 2 weeks we work together?

Amazing! Congratulations!  

If our second meeting regarding newborn sleep has not yet happened, we will schedule a time for this ASAP.  If we need to extend your 2 week follow up to accommodate for the birth of your baby, this is no problem at all.  Ideally, we will schedule the What to Expect meeting to happen as soon as we possibly can. The more information you have in the beginning, the better.  You will still have the Newborn Guide as your reference but if you feel that you need more specific or extended support beyond the What to Expect call, you can upgrade your package to the Newborn Sleep option.  

Custom pricing will be discussed.

You have the added benefit of being able to receive prenatal and postpartum Breastfeeding Support from an IBCLC Lactation Consultant.  

For more information on the Love n' Snuggles Breastfeeding Support Services click here...