Postpartum Breastfeeding Support

Wether your baby is newly born, weeks or months old a visit from a lactation consultant can save your breastfeeding relationship.


Breastfeeding should never be painful.  I specialize in perfecting the latch in the newborn period.  A well latched newborn ensures breastfeeding success for the entire duration that you choose to nurse your baby.

In addition to assessing and treating the basics of breastfeeding, I also specialize in:

- establishing and increasing breastmilk supply

- breastfeeding a premature baby

- nursing twins and multiples

- breastfeeding after breast surgery

- adoptive nursing and inducing lactation

- inducing re-lactation after a period of not      breastfeeding

- exclusive pumping

- identifying and recommending treatment for mastitis, yeast or breast infection

Visit the blog to see how an IBCLC Lactation Consultant can help you.

Initial Visit 

The initial visit is 1-2hrs and includes a thorough history of your pregnancy and birth as well as any existing medical concerns.  All visits include a physical assessment of both mom and baby as well as a thorough breastfeeding assessment from beginning to end.  You will receive a detailed plan of care for your breastfeeding baby and ongoing email support.  We will discuss the need to book a follow up visit to evaluate your baby's growth and ensure your ongoing breastfeeding comfort.

Investment $90

Follow-up Visit 

A follow up visit is a great way to boost your confidence.  The follow up visit is approximately 60mins and includes a physical assessment of both mom and baby as well as a thorough breastfeeding assessment from beginning to end.  This is a great opportunity to evaluate our original plan of care and determine if changes need to be made.

Investment $75

A travel fee of $75-$125 (depending on location) for families requesting a home visit outside the town of Cochrane will be applied. Clinic appointments are available on Wednesday's at The Nest Chiropractic and Wellness Studio between 11-2pm for families who wish to avoid this travel fee.


A full receipt for coverage under extended benefit plans will be provided.  Coverage will depend on your provider.  If coverage is essential, I encourage you to contact your provider prior to booking an appointment.

I believe that all mothers should have access to a Lactation Consultant.  If finances are a concern for you please contact me for payment options.


* All Gift Certificates must be fully paid by the gift giver at the time of purchase.