You look so familiar!?

I am hearing this a lot lately! It is bound to happen in a small town practice. Everywhere I go there are familiar faces and I will openly admit, I can't always place a name to the face or identify why a face is familiar! It turns out that other people feel the same when they see me! So often lately, after sitting down with moms to talk about breastfeeding or sleep they say, "I feel like we've met before or I've seen you somewhere, your face is so familiar but I have no idea where from!"

Well, if we live in the same town there are a few very likely places that you may recognize me from...

1. The grocery store. Yep, I'm there on an almost daily basis! I have three kids whose likes and dislikes seem to change on the regular so it means I need to have a wide variety of snacks and meals ready to go!

2. The sports center. All 3 of my kids are competitive swimmers and I feel like the sports center is my second home sometimes. I'm either sitting in the stands watching them or shuttling them back and forth to practices. You will see my van in the parking lot with it's Love n' Snuggles decals, a lot!

3. The kids school. I'm either dropping off something they forgot, volunteering or joining the pick up line enjoying the few minutes of peace before they all descend upon the vehicle (usually with immediate requests for snacks!)

4. Yoga or spin class. I'll either be in a hot yoga class at Alchemy or teaching a class at The Study. I have been teaching yoga for 4 years now and I have a mean (although lovely) core flow class on Thursday nights. My yoga practice and sweating it out on the spin bike saves my sanity on a daily basis. Come join me!

5. Our local Urgent Care Center. I am getting close to the 20yr anniversary of starting my nursing career. Whoa! That makes me sound super old! (I'm not, I just graduated very young) lol! My career began with nursing and I still love it. I love my community and being able to provide care and comfort to families on what is likely not their best day, brings me so much joy.

So, if you feel like you've seen me before, those are the likely places where you will find me. I'll put this out there and apologize in advance... I probably recognize your face too... but out of respect to your privacy and confidentiality of using the Love n' Snuggles services, I may just smile and carry on but, always feel free to stop me and chat! Maybe just help me make the connection of name to face, I'm really bad at that! I also really love seeing your babies as they grow!

See you soon!

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Melanie Pinet

IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Holistic Sleep Educator

Alberta, Canada