The Sleep Consultation Process

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

The Love n' Snuggles sleep consultation process has evolved with the launch of our brand new sleep courses and programs.

I know that the cost of a one on one consultation is often out of reach for parents. As a consultant, I understand why the cost of these consults can be so high. It takes a tremendous amount of time to get to know your child through sleep tracking, the intake questionnaire, the initial consultation and trial and (often) error when making adjustments to their sleep routines. Sometimes, this is an easy process and we work together and everything goes well but often times there are periods of struggle and feelings of doubt (for all parties involved) as to whether we are doing the right thing for your child.

I believe in honesty and 100% transparency when it comes to the challenging role of being a sleep consultant. Not all sleep consultants are going to admit to the challenge and doubt that accompanies their role. I have been a sleep deprived mother myself and although I knew exactly what my son needed to help him sleep, I couldn't find a way to execute those changes. I didn't even know where to begin! So, now that I have been through that as a parent and become a sleep educator, it feels necessary to evolve the Love n' Snuggles sleep consultation process to meet what my needs were at that time. I needed support, reassurance and I needed to know how to implement those first steps. However, our only option at that time was to make the desperate investment of $450 to work with a consultant for two weeks to get us started. Don't get me wrong, it was the best investment we ever made in parenting but was what she told us worth that much? Not really. She told us the first step we needed to take (which I already knew) and how to get started (which was all I needed) and from then on my son slept 12hrs through the night (he was 1yr old) and napped 3hrs a day. We didn't even need her support for the full two weeks but we paid for it anyways.

So this is what I have done in my sleep educator role... I want to give you the first steps and as much support as you need through executing those steps and geting started. Of course, if you need more support or you don't mind spending a lot of money right away, I am here for you for a one on one consult! However, YOU are the expert on your child and even if you feel like you have no idea what they need... you DO!

This is the new process that puts families first, it respects your hard earned money and it empowers you as parents to become the sleep expert on YOUR child because.... I will say it again... YOU ARE THE EXPERT ON YOUR CHILD! (I'm not yelling, I'm a nice person, just getting the point across)

When it comes to sleep I firmly believe that all families need to start with a strong foundation of sleep habits and you need to create a lifestyle that makes sleep a priority. So I created these courses and our online support group.

Step 1

Register for our FREE (how is that for affordable?!) online program, 5 Days to Better Sleep. There are two parts to this free course.

  • This link will take you to the email version. You will sign up and get 5 days of emails that introduce the necessary steps to starting to build a strong sleep foundation. These are your first steps towards better sleep.

  • The second part of this course is joining our online Bootcamp support group. In this group we will come together to go through the email version of Bootcamp every 6 weeks. This is done through live video chat. I will talk you through the information, you get to ask all your questions and I can give you specific ways to implement these steps into your life. In addition to Bootcamp, I also host a weekly support call. All week long I encourage parents to ask their questions and every Friday we meet for the support call Q&A session (yes recordings are available if you can't join us live). This is a wonderful group of supportive parents. Everyone has experience to contribute to the group and the support we can all provide each other is priceless (for real, it's free). Join us here:

Step 2

Register for our online course, The Mother of All Sleep Courses. This is a very affordable course that builds on the 5 Days to Better Sleep program and further strengthens your sleep foundation. This course gives you the next steps towards better sleep. Everything start to come together and maybe this is all you need! Yay! You are sleeping better and your budget is happy! You still get access to all my support through email and through the Bootcamp group. You can ask questions and I will give you the best answers that I possibly can. I am here for you every step of the way. This course is currently on promo until the end of 2019 for 15% off the listed price. Join and register here:

Step 3

If you have done the 5 Days to Better Sleep program and The Mother of All Sleep Courses and your sleep is still not 100% fantastic, we can do an one on one consult. This is my favorite part... I will never charge you the full price of a one on one consult if you have already invested your time and energy in these two courses. We will talk about where your sleep is at now, what you have learned and what changes we still need to work on. Perhaps all you need is a phone call! Again, your budget is happy! Perhaps you need a little bit more and we work together through phone/email/skype/facetime for a couple days or even a week. You will never pay the full ($585) price of a one on one consult because YOU are the expert on your child, you have done the work and we probably just need to fine tune a few things which doesn't take nearly as much time as a full one on one consult does. Your previous investment will always be taken into consideration when creating your custom priced, one on one sleep consult.

I will be honest with you (because that's what I believe in), I am SO excited to be able to do this for you. I feel 100% confident in your ability to help your child sleep better. I love that I can support you through this every step of the way and not need to break your bank. There is a better and easier way to support families than doing "what all the other consultants are doing" I want to do things differently. I want to empower families to really understand their child's needs. I want to help create a bond between you and your child that is built on love and snuggles rather than controlled crying or other sleep training methods. I will never ask you to leave your child to cry. Ever. I don't believe in sleep "training" in the commonly used form of the word. I believe in creating a lifestyle and habits that allows our natural ability to sleep to come through. We can do this... YOU can do this... I can't wait to help you.

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