The Love n' Snuggles Advantage

As a Holistic Sleep Educator, my training and approach to sleep learning is one that meets your child's needs. What sets Love n' Snuggles apart from other sleep "training" consultants is that I will not train your child to sleep. Guess what...

Your child already knows how to sleep.

Sleep is a hardwired biological need that we are all born with. So why is it that babies, children and their parents often struggle with sleep? I will be honest with you, and I can say this because I have been an exhausted, frustrated and sleepless parent myself... it's our expectations, our lifestyle, pressures from society and the well meaning intentions of friends and family asking "how is he sleeping? is he sleeping through the night yet?" that makes us believe that our child has a sleep problem.

Don't worry! This doesn't mean that there is nothing we can do to help everyone in your family have a better night sleep. There is A LOT that we can do, in fact, by working with your child's natural need for sleep, your family will be sleeping better for years to come.

The Love n' Snuggles Advantage means that we build a strong foundation of healthy sleep habits that align with your child's unique and inborn need for sleep. Every child has different sleep needs so our approach starts with getting to know your child and gaining a better understanding of what their needs are.

Every aspect of your child's life has the ability to impact how well they sleep... or don't sleep. When we have a better understanding of what is getting in the way of your child sleeping well, finding a solution and changing the pattern allows sleep to happen naturally. Sleep is a natural function of the human body, it is our lifestyle that often gets in the way.

The advantage of working with sleep in this way is that you, the parents, becomes the expert on your child and their sleep needs. You will be able to interpret their needs as they grow and ensure that they always sleep well. When presented with a sleep setback (and we all have times when we don't sleep well) you will have a clear understanding of why your child is struggling and you will be able to quickly identify and correct the challenge.

I will never ask you to leave your child alone if they are crying. I always want you to feel that you can, and should comfort your child. Children need to feel that they are safe, especially while learning new skills and they need to know that you are there for them. Children should fall asleep feeling loved and snuggled, knowing that mom and dad will respond when they are needed. The Love n' Snuggles Advantage means that you will not only become the expert on your child's sleep but by supporting them through sleep learning you are strengthening your connection and bond as responsive and loving parents.

When your child sleeps well the whole family is happier, healthier and

deeply connected to each other.

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