Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing is a wonderful and often essential part of parenting a new baby. Newborns want to be held by you, on you, close to you and snuggled by you All. The. Time and honestly this doesn't change much past the newborn stage.

Most parents would love to be able to hold, snuggle and cuddle their babies all day long but the reality of it is that we need just can't sit all day long. Babywearing to the rescue! Now you can keep your baby close AND have your hands free.

The type of baby carrier you choose depends on what feels comfortable for your body and your baby. When my own babies were little I preferred the wrap style carrier like this one from Beluga Baby. It holds baby in a similar shape as the womb, close to your body and very comfortable to wear although a little challenging to get used to. They are also great for skin to skin snuggles. You can put your baby in a wrap carrier next to your skin and feel mostly covered (just be mindful of who you answer the door for!) I used to snuggle both my twins in my wrap carrier. It kept them close to each other which they loved,and every now and then I would catch them holding hands (too cute!). Erizo makes beautiful hand woven baby slings and wrap carriers and they are local to Cochrane, AB. As your baby gets heavier you may need more support from your carrier and prefer something like an Ergo or LilleBaby carrier that you can wear on your front or as a back carry option. Cochrane is blessed to have our fabulous local kids store, Great Things in Store where the sales staff can help you find the perfect fit for you and your baby from their wide variety of baby carriers.

Your baby will appreciate being close to you, they will likely have some great naps in the carrier and you still get your baby snuggles while having your hands free (just remember to brush the crumbs out of their hair!) #momtruth

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