Skin to Skin and The Golden Hour

Updated: May 16, 2019

The first hour after birth is often referred to as The Golden Hour. This 11min video shows the different stages that naturally occur during The Golden Hour after birth. If mom and baby are left skin to skin it allows this natural process to happen. If for some reason the baby is separated from it's mother after birth, skin to skin should be initiated as soon as both mom and baby are medically stable. In a medicated birth (epidural or other pain medications) this process may take longer and the baby may need more assistance to find the breast which makes this skin to skin time even more important. Mother's who have had a c-section can and should have their babies skin to skin either in the operating room (depending on hospital policy) or as soon as possible in the recovery room. C-section babies also find comfort being placed skin to skin with Dad after birth. The mother and baby in this video had an unmedicated birth. Enjoy!

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