Holistic Sleep


As a once weary and exhausted parent, I know what you're going through.  You've either read all the sleep books and feel completely lost on where to start or your too exhausted to even think about picking up a book about sleep.

When exhaustion sets in, knowing where to begin can seem like up is down and down is up and everything is lost in translation.  Let me provide you with some clarity.  I can help interpret your family's sleep needs and guide you towards a more peaceful nights sleep.

The Sleep Consultation Process

Discovery Phone Call

Discuss your sleep concerns

Choose most appropriate package option

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Sleep Questionnaire

I will email you a comprehensive sleep questionnaire so I can learn more about your family's unique sleep needs.

Initial Meeting

Our initial meeting either online or in person, to discuss your sleep questionnaire and create your custom sleep plan.

Follow Up

Keep in touch and complete support based on chosen support package.



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Melanie Pinet

IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Holistic Sleep Educator