Personalized Sleep Consultation

"People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one"

- Leo J. Burke, Psychologist

This consultation is for the family who needs help NOW!

You are likely at the end of your patience.  You are sleep deprived to the max! You would love to take our online course but what you really need is someone to tell you what to do to get your child to sleep and you need it now. I totally get it! I was this parent myself! When I needed help, I needed it NOW and by that time, I would have done anything for a full night sleep. The value of personalized, one on one support is priceless.

What this consultation includes:

  • All consultations start with a Discovery Call and detailed questionnaire.  See the Consultation Process here....

  • You will receive the Love n' Snuggles Guide to Sleep.  This Guide is the reference that parents have always wanted for adjusting to life as a new family.  Parents have often said to me "our baby didn't come with a manual!"  Well, this is it.  Now you have a manual.  This Guide will give you all the information you need as your child grows.  It includes information on daytime routines, night/day cycles, nutrition, illness, teething, managing sleep around travel and time changes and more!

  • Our initial consultation will take place through Skype/FaceTime* to discuss everything from  your pregnancy and birth to of course your baby's sleep.  We will talk about what is normal and expected in terms of sleep as well as how you can best support your baby and create a strong sleep foundation. We will create a customized sleep plan that will encourage the best sleep possible for baby and parents.

  • You will receive a step by step, easy to follow action plan for improving your baby's sleep.

  • We will work together for 4 weeks with daily email check-in and weekly phone calls to review your baby's sleep and make adjustments to our plan.

  • At the end of our time working together.  You will receive a final Sleep Summary report with information about the progress you have made and steps for moving forward as your child grows.

* Depending on your location, you have the option to upgrade your initial consultation to a home visit.  The benefit of a home visit is being able to view your child's sleep space, meet your child and spend time in your home which gives me a much better sense of your family dynamics and how I can support you.  It is hard to put a price on the benefit of sitting down face to face for this initial consultation.  Fees for travel and time will apply as follows:


​Within Cochrane $50

Rural Cochrane and City of Calgary $75 to $125 depending on location

Canmore $150

Banff $200

Investment $585

If you are interested in this consultation package the first step is to book your free 30min Discovery Call.  

Please click the link below to schedule your appointment.