My name is Melanie


I am a nurse, lactation consultant, holistic sleep educator and mother of three.  I have over 17 years experience working with families but my most valuable experience comes from being a mom.

My children have given me the career I have today.  

In 2008 we started our family by welcoming beautiful twin girls.  They were born 9 weeks early and we spent 5 weeks and 2 days living in three different NICU's.  It was a rough start to parenthood.  I had  been working as a postpartum nurse for 5 years by that time and I thought I knew what I needed to know about breastfeeding.  What I learned is that I knew nothing about breastfeeding my own babies, especially twins in the NICU.  My biggest struggle was accessing help.  I became a Lactation Consultant after my own breastfeeding struggles so that I can provide the support that was so difficult for me to find.  

Three years later we completed our family when our son was born.  Three kids under 3.  My son taught me that sleep deprivation affects every aspect of your life.  I barely remember the first year of his life.  He taught me what 'survival mode' feels like.  When he was 12 months old we finally reached out to a sleep consultant for help and I realized how sleep deprived I truly was.  It was scary.  I became a Holistic Sleep Educator to help families not just survive but thrive and enjoy the early years of their child's life.... well rested.


I have the best job in the world.